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What to Expect from Counseling

So, what is counseling? Counseling is a focused conversation about things you want to change in your life.  Counseling is most effective when it occurs in a relationship in which trust and care are established.  Friends and relatives provide a type of counseling, as do … [Read more...]

Listening to Teenagers

By Ken Fate I recently started a book study with some parents.  We were discussing the book “How To Talk So Teens Will Listen And Listen So Teens Will Talk”, written by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. In this edition I will share some gleanings from Chapter 1 which … [Read more...]

Are You Sad?

By Marie Garry, MA, LMHC For many of us the winter blues consists of complaints about the weather, mornings where we want to stay in bed, warm and cozy, or feeling restless with cabin fever. For others the winter season affects them significantly and presents a greater … [Read more...]